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Using Drama to Change Minds for Changing Times


“Vital Alternatives for Healthy Minds Program” (VAMP) utilizes drama therapy and creative expression to foster interpersonal growth and healthy lifestyles to address social and emotional development and unproductive behaviors. VAMP’s teaching artists and drama therapists facilitate weekly workshops residencies in classrooms and other sites helping young people “perform” the change they wish to become. The program’s goal is not only to place participants on the path to personal growth, career development, behavioral and attitudinal change but to give participants the encouragement as well as the empowerment to believe in themselves, to discuss their hopes, fears, and dreams.

Elementary/ Middle School

Strategies to increase Social and emotional development

High School Program

Deepening learning and engagement

Adult Program

Motivating and connecting relationships

Special Project Programs

Connecting partnerhips for growth


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The Middle school program works with 4th grade to 8th grade and incorporates VAMP’s exclusive Dramatic Situations and creative role-play activities. Students are encouraged to voice their opinions and feelings on a wide array of topics and simultaneously practice their decision-making and critical thinking skills.

Youth explore more positive ways to resolve conflict and manage anger, build meaningful relationships, develop appropriate communication skills, come to an understanding on how to work effectively in teams, learn how to manage their time, build confidence, set and attain goals, and discover skills that will put them on a track to thrive and succeed, making them responsible citizens and assets to society.

Examples of successful training modules explored in the VAMP Middle School Program include: Conflict Resolution, Violence Prevention, Social and Emotional Development.

Program options include:
10 or 30 week classroom residencies
Year-Long Partnerships
After-School residencies
Parent/Guardian Workshops
Professional Development
The High School program provides a living laboratory that enables youth to practice new and more satisfying ways to approach problems, express feelings and clarify values. It mirrors relevant social and personal issues that young people face on a day-to-day basis and explores various alternatives to achieving positive lifestyle changes. Through our intensive classroom residencies, youth are provided the opportunity for creative awareness building and emotional skills development. In turn, they learn to make wiser decisions as well as the necessary changes to lead healthy and productive lives.

Examples of successful training modules explored in the VAMP High School Program include: Violence Prevention, Social and Emotional Development, Conflict Resolution, Substance Abuse Prevention, Teen Pregnancy Prevention.

Program options include:
10 or 30 week classroom residencies
Year-Long Partnerships
After-School residencies
Parent/Guardian Workshops
Professional Development
Utilizing interactive and insightful concepts, the VAMP Adult Program offers a framework that examines daily life experiences within the context of the home and work. The program calls for full engagement and active participation--enabling individuals to learn from past mistakes and meet goals for self-improvement. Participants are equipped with the tools essential to identifying and addressing domestic and on-the-job problems and opportunities to discuss and practice solutions to those problems.

Each training topic is practical and realistic—reflecting situations that workshop participants may have encountered in their personal lives. The bond of shared experiences and common frustrations within these sessions result in a community network that lasts beyond the duration of the workshop series.

Participants we serve are Veterans, Parents/Guardians, Homeless Victims, Healthy Relationships, TANF Recipients, Survivors of Domestic & Intimate Partner Violence, Substance Users and Abusers.

Workshop themes include:
Work Readiness
Healthy Relationships
Conflict Resolution
Domestic Violence
The VAMP Specific Population Program utilizes group process and drama therapy techniques and creative expression to reach therapeutic goals for specific groups. The program provides a creative outlet for practicing innovative problem solving methods. It incorporates music, dance, drama, art and literature to encourage behavioral changes and ensures that all participants benefit as they develop a higher level of comprehension about themselves, each other and the world at large.

Drama therapists engage participants through a variety of methods, including: movement, voice, theatre games, role-play, improvisation, text-work, poetry, puppets and mask-work. Theatre techniques are selectively applied with client groups to ensure healthy verbal and non-verbal expression. A primary goal is to lead participants to providing a positive resolution to a dramatic/story structure or a therapeutic theatrical presentation.

Participants we serve are Group Home Youth, Detained and Committed Youth, Homeless Victims, Teens on Probation, Substance Users and Abusers

Program options include:
Brief and long-term Individual and group sessions
Year-Long Partnerships
Professional Development

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